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Commentary: Creative Classroom Decorating Kits

In the last couple of weeks we began offering "Creative Decorating Kits" I just wanted to take a little time to discuss this concept. As I do, please keep in mind that I am not trying to convince you to buy, buy, buy!!! When God placed the vision for Creative Kids Ministry on our hearts we made the decision that we would not "Sell" Creative Kids in an undignified manner. I truly believe in the concept of the Creative Kits.

I believe deeply in the ideals of great facility designs for kids. It has become my passion. For years now we have seen white, almond, and gray cover the walls of children's departments in MANY churches. As you walk through Classrooms, hallways and entire departments it seems more like a hospital or ward of an institute. Many churches are concerned that the reaction of the parishioners and visitors will be negative at the site of a room that is child related. In my experience this is completely opposite of what I have seen first hand!

I have been told "we don't want to deface our (white) walls", "we use those classrooms for a once a week (adult) meeting" and so on. In each of these cases I can understand those positions, but I also believe that with a little bit of creative thinking a solution can be found that allows both positions to be accomplished. Children need a place that is "Kid Friendly" A place that they can call their own, or at the least feel that they are appreciated beyond a bulletin board. I am convinced that when you combine awesome instruction based on the Bible with an awesome facility designed to be kid friendly, you have created the ultimate environment for reaching children.

Often when churches do agree to allow classroom designs or themes within the facility, their goal is to provide something that is professional in appearance and meets the need of the department but they don't know where to start. When I consult with church leadership about designing I find that 80% want something but don't know what that something is. You may find yourself in this position wanting to do something but not knowing what to do or where to start.

That is why I designed Creative Kits, to provide an answer to many of these questions. I have worked hard to provide just about everything you will need to confidently design and decorate your department, hallway, classroom or any other area with ease. I have worked out an agreement with Sherwin-Williams to provide color swatches and brochure information to help take the guesswork out of painting, and I have also included transparencies and step by step instructions that walk you through the whole process. We are currently working with a production company to begin providing instructional videos, they should be available soon. All for the purpose of providing you with all you will need to do it yourself!

One of the current kits offered is Moses parting the Red Sea. This kit is based on the most popular mural I paint. Everyone that has witnessed these murals is amazed. As of this writing I have painted 5.

The popularity of this mural has been made into a kit. The artwork is drawn in a simpler form but the look will still grab your attention.

This is just one example. We are developing kits for use in just about every situation. The themes I am currently working on are Butterflies, Spiritual Armour, Underwater Ocean, Fruit of the Spirit, 7 Days of Creation, and a kit featuring children of various nationalities with big smiles. The type of Artwork that I am drawing for people to paint, is high in quality, easy to copy and fully to scale.

Thanks for your interest in Creative Kids and for your desire to do "something" in your children's ministry. (You wouldn't be here if you didn't want to.) My goal is to change the "face" of children's ministry, and a large part of reaching this goal is by helping others who are involved in children's ministry. Let me help you. If you have a question just ask!

Think differently, create something special for your kids!

Creatively His,



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