All About Running The Race Qtr. Format:Download

All About Running The Race Qtr. Format:Download



Product Description

Jesus In Jeans, All About Running The Race QTR, focuses on the life of the Apostle Paul and how he ran his race.  In month one they will learn how to train wisely for the race. In month two they will find out how to run with endurance and integrity and how to choose the right kind of training partners. In month three they will be encouraged to run to win, cross the finish line, and claim the prize. Click on View scope & sequence for a more detailed overview of what you will be teaching. Click on the download link below for a free sample lesson.

All About Running The Race Quarter contains:

  • Teachers guide
  • 12 lessons
  • 12 Weekly PowerPoint presentations
  • 12 Weekly - Think About It! - Videos
  • 12 Weekly Q & A review and suggested games
  • Activity sheets, visuals, and game resources for each lesson 
  • Blank PowerPoint slides that can be added to PowerPoint presentations
  • Pre-Service memory cards and suggestions for games and activities

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose the download option, the download file is approximately 165 MB. A CD including 12 Think About It Videos will be shipped to you within 1 - 2 business days.

Click Here to download a sample pack of JIJ and JIJ Junior Curriculum