Jesus Loves Me Music Collection

Jesus Loves Me Music Collection


Product Description

Jesus Loves Me Music Collection is available as a download only. Download File Size: 104MB

In JIJ Junior, Jesus Loves Me Music Collection, little ones will sing to the catchy sounds of familiar nursery rhymes but to scripture based lyrics.
Jesus Loves Me Music Collection Includes:

  1. Loves Me Very Much (1:17)
  2. Even When I Misbehave (1:31)
  3. Made The World For Us (3:22)
  4. Spends Time With Me (1:32)
  5. Listens To Me (1:23)
  6. Loves Everyone (1:55)

Bible Rhymes videos and songs are subject to copyright. You have permission to use the videos and music during teaching time. If you would like to purchase additional copies of the Bible Rhyme Videos or CD of songs for parents to play at home. We ask that each family purchase one video collection or music CD per household.

Dan Lueders wrote JIJ Junior Music. To hear more kids worship songs by Dan click here.