JIJ Junior - Jesus Loves Me Curriculum

JIJ Junior - Jesus Loves Me Curriculum
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Product Description

Jesus Loves Me Curriculum is available as a download. Download File Size: 438 MB

In JIJ Junior "Jesus Loves Me Curriculum Series" little ones will realize just how valuable they are as they hear how Jesus loves to spend time with them and listen to them. They will also find out that Jesus never stops loving them even when they misbehave.

  1. Teacher's guide that explains how the lesson works in a simple, visual format.
  2. Scope & Sequence that shows what children will learn in the series. This is a great resource to include on your website or email to all your parents so that they can see what you are teaching.
  3. 8 Lessons in the series include:
    - 6 teaching lessons and 2 review lessons.
    - List of "stuff you need" for each lesson.
    - Activity pages and visuals provided for each lesson.
    - "Take Home" cards that include the focus verse, Bible rhyme, and focus fact for each lesson. That way mom and dad will be able to reinforce what you are teaching at church!
  4. Videos that include cleanup music, Focus Verse, and Bible Rhyme song for each lesson.

Lesson pages are laid out so that one lesson can be printed and sections of it can be handed out to various lead teachers, small group leaders, and those who prepare the "stuff you need" to teach the lesson.

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