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FUNART_200I remember the first church I worked at had no budget for children's ministry (Sound familiar?). I could be upset about this and gripe about how those in charge of the finances needed to get a revelation of just how important children's ministry is or I could get creative and find the money I needed another way. After choosing option number one and getting no where I moved to option number two. My big idea.... a spaghetti dinner. Which ended with me burning the sauce in the church kitchen before service and the church smelling like burnt spaghetti all through service.

This was my first experience with fund raising, and my last... until many years later when one of my staff at the time, Sarah Dascenzo, came up with a brilliant idea.

 Her idea involved having her two children do various creative art projects then holding an art show where these masterpieces were displayed for purchase. All proceeds went to a good cause. This got me thinking... Children's ministry is a good cause! So why not use this God inspired creative idea to raise some money for something needed in the children's ministry. For some it might be a computer, for others curriculum and supplies, and for the rest... it could be a missions project. Here's how I see it working:

  1. Choose a simple art project that is creative and will look good framed in a mat board.
  2. Contact local art supplies stores regarding donating the art supplies. (See "Donation Request" letter under Free Forms.)
  3. Schedule a time for all your kids to do the art project. It could even be during a service.
  4. Inform your kids of what they will be participating in, the week before. (Click here for a postcard template you can hand out.)
  5. Pick up your art supplies and make an example as a visual example for the kids while they work on theirs.
  6. Think through how to set up the room to help the art project to go as smoothly as possible. consider recruiting a few volunteers that love to do crafts or art teachers to assist you.
  7. Make sure your kids put their names on their masterpiece!  
  8. Contact local grocery stores regarding donating the snack supplies.(See "Donation Request" letter under Free Forms.)
  9. Schedule a time for the FUNART show. Be sure to check the church and local school calendar so that your show does not conflict with another big event.
  10. Promote the FUNART show to your church family, at least two weeks before the event, in a fun way through announcements, email, and postcards.(Click here for a postcard template you can hand out.)
  11.  Come up with a creative way to display the FUNART. Presentation is very important.
    Place light colored sheets over various size boxes stacked on tables. Display FUNART randomly against the stacked boxes.
    Hang artwork from fishing wire attached to the ceiling grids.
  12. Price the FUNART accordingly. I suggest starting at $$3 to 5 per art piece based on size of the piece and age of the artist. I wouldn't go higher than $10 per masterpiece. The more artwork you have the more you will raise.
  13. If possible display the FUNART where it can be left up over the weekend should you have some left over from your sale. Those who could not attend your event might want to purchase it after service that weekend.
  14. Set up a table for beverages and snacks and recruit a few volunteers to man that table for you during the event so that you can mingle with your guests and brag on your kids masterpieces.
  15. After your event be sure to let everyone know how well it went and thank them for their support.

 A bonus benefit to doing this FUNdraiser is that you not only raise some much needed funds for your ministry but you also get kids, families, and even the community (if you choose to make it an outreach event too) connecting in a fun, family friendly environment.So, have FUN raising FUNds with FUNART! Let us know how it goes.

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