Creative For Kids 3D cutout stand-ups are a perfect addition to your Children's Ministry Space. Offered in 3 sizes; small, medium and large, these cutout stand-ups are perfect for areas where you need a light weight prop or character to attract attention. Each 3D cutout stand-up is available in either corrugated cardboard or corrugated plastic for additional stability.

Creative For Kids works hard to provide you with products that are high quality at a fair price. The 3D cutout stand-ups have the image printed directly onto the cardboard or corrugated plastic with a precision cut around the character to create a very professional look and feel of each character/prop. Combine the cutout stand-ups with out line of Mural Kits and Wall Stickers for a maximum impact!

About The 3D Cutout Stand-ups

You can choose from corrugated cardboard or corrugated plastic:

Left - Corrugated Cardboard | Right - Corrugated Plastic

About the Sizes

Large Corrugated Plastic Front / Back Example

Medium Corrugated Cardboard Front / Back Example

Small Corrugated Plastic Front / Back Example

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