Indoor Vinyl Church Banner Material

Our indoor lay flat vinyl is a superior vinyl for indoor uses. The premium coating with a satin finish allows for amazing color reproduction, clarity and vivid imagery. 

  • Premium coated
  • Non-curling
  • Fire-retardant certified
  • Water resistant
  • Satin finish

Banner sizes and finishing options:

Our children's ministry church banners come in a variety of stock (pre-designed) sizes and finishing options. Stock sizes available are:

  • 47in. x 96in.
  • 47in. x 78in.
  • 33in. x 78in.
  • 32in. x 72in.
  • 24in. x 63in.
  • 24in. x 46in.
  • 72in. x 38in.
  • 96in. x 47in.

Not all banners are available in all sizes.

Our children's ministry church banners come in 3 finishing options:

  • Grommets: This is the most popular option because it gives you the most versatility. Typically used for hanging on a wall, window, or any vertical structure. It also works well with "X-style" banner stands, available in 3 sizes.
  • Pole Pockets: This option is typically reserved for banner stands that require a loop in the banner so that a dowel rod can be placed down the loop for hanging. 
  • None: Leaving the banner without any hanging options is typically used in "roll up" style banner stands. We offer 2 different sizes of roll up banner stands.


We can customize any banner to any size. If you don't see a size that works for you just give us a call and we'll discuss your banner needs and come up with a size and style that works for you. Office: (815) 715-2396

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