Our Mural Kits are easy, fun and with no artistic talent you can create an amazing mural for your kids space in just a weekend. We have taken some time to answer some questions that might arise while working with your mural kit. We have also included some tips and tricks to help your project along.

What is a projector and where do I find one?

An overhead projector was used in school to show outlines on a screen or wall. The artwork in our Mural Kits are on overhead transparencies. They enable you to project your artwork onto the wall surface. You can scale your image larger or smaller by moving the projector forward or backward. Projectors can be found at your local library, school or church. They can also be rented for a small daily fee at a tool supply rental. Generally, you will use a projector for a couple of hours. We also offer a smaller projector for sale in our store. The Artograph Tracer is a nice alternative to an overhead projector.

How do I project an image in a small area and make it big?

You will need some butcher paper, ebony or charcoal pencil and an area to draw the image to the scale you would like. Project the image in the size that you want onto a wall. Then tape enough sheets of the butcher paper together to allow your image to be projected onto the paper. Next, use your ebony or charcoal pencil to outline your image on the butcher paper. Press firmly to ensure a strong line is produced. Once outlined, carefully move the image on the paper to the area that the image will go on the wall. Now, turn and tape the paper on the wall so that the pencil marks are touching the wall where the image will be placed. Finally, rub the back on the paper to transfer the pencil marks onto the wall. With a standard number 2 pencil, outline the image transferred from the paper.

What is a Mural Kit?

Our Mural Kits were created on a "paint by number" idea. Each Mural Kit contains information on supplies, area layout, paint numbers that coordinate with the professional artwork, and the artwork on transparencies. We currently offer Deluxe, Standard and Background Mural Kits, and Puppet Backdrops and Props Kit. Each of these Mural Kits work on the same paint-by-number principle.

What kind of paints do I use?

The paints that we recommend and coordinate colors to are Sherwin-Williams Satin Latex paints and FolkArt craft acrylic paints. The brands work well together and are high quality water based paints. These are the brands that I use personally.

Do I have to prime the walls?

My advice here is if the wall is already painted in lighter colors the paint is fairly new, and the wall is free of grease and grime, then in most cases you can paint over it with just a good soap and water prep. Otherwise, go ahead and prime the surface with a good quality brand primer.

Do I need to protect my mural with a Clear Coat?

In all the murals that I have painted I have only coated two. The basic purpose of a clear coating is to give additional protection to the artwork. But the protection is limited to simply additional "scrub-ability". Meaning, the coating will help some with basic soap and water cleaning. The point to consider is that if you use high quality paints to begin with, you are going to get very good protection with those paints. But, if you just have to add a clear coat this is my recommendation. Use a high quality, satin sheen, latex clear coat. Follow the instructions on the can and you should be safe. These can be found at your local Sherwin-Williams store or home improvement warehouse.

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