WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITIES FOR KIDS? When Jesus’ teachings on love, trust and obedience are taught. Where faith in Jesus turns lives away from sin and toward God. WHAT IF? … You had a curriculum that taught kids the practical spiritual truths that inspire them to seek a personal relationship with Jesus? A relationship where they fully trust Him and turn to Him for the answers to all their questions. The kind of relationship where Jesus is truly their Lord and Savior. A relationship that brings about tangible and positive change within them. Which in turn, will affect the people around them in a positive way that leads them to Jesus too.

JESUS IN JEANS™ shares Jesus' life and teachings with kids, K - 5th grade, in a relevant way that will help them relate to him and apply his truths to their everyday life. Based on Luke 2:40 "There the child grew strong in body and wise in spirit. And the grace of God was on him." our goal is to include everything kids need to grow strong in body, live wise in spirit and enjoy God's grace in everyday life. What an amazing witness they would be for Christ if we partner together to reach that goal!

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