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Creative For Kids continues to produce innovative, imaginative, and creative products. Our unique products and artwork continue to grow in popularity, evidenced by increased sales and the consistency of return customers. The demand for our products and strong base of customer loyalty for Randy's work will benefit you and your customers.

Creative For Kids offers special wholesale pricing to retailers and e-tailors. If you are looking for something extraordinary to offer your customers, then our products would be a great new addition to your product line. Whether you buy in large quantities or prefer to drop ship, we will work to meet the needs of your business.

Theme Mural Kits

Creative For Kids Theme Room Mural Kits are a simple paint by number product that your customers will love. Requiring no artistic talent your customers can turn their child's room into an amazing theme that they will be pleased with and their child will be excited about for years. Our Mural Kits are a great value to your customers costing only $19.95 for our standard kit and $29.95 for your deluxe. Our Mural Kits offer so much professionally drawn artwork that you can paint an entire room if you want vs. other mural kits that only give you enough artwork to paint a small vignette. Also, our simple step by step instructions are easy, not intimidating. Your customers will be able to paint a room in just a short weekend.

I have bought several of your kits in the past and just love them! They are so awesome! I always recommend them to everyone.

D Hutson

Hello. My name is Sharon. I am a kids room decorator located in NY. I am sending this email to say thank you for providing such an excellent product. Your mural kits are life savers!

Sharon M.

YEEHAAA!!!!!....Thanks so much for not only some great products, but something I value much more - GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! You've got my word of mouth for years to come.

B Ecker

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